The move: Anmer hall to RAF West Raynham

Unlike many businesses, Wooden kitchen worktops has the pleasure of moving from one historic place to another. Anmer hall, which is soon to be faced with royalty once more, to historic, rustic RAF West Raynham. The old air force station was built between 1938 and 1939, where the queen’s men prepare for world war two. […]

Wooden Kitchen Worktops: Bespoke wooden sample!

When choosing your wooden kitchen worktop, WKW finds that seeing is more efficient than dreaming. Therefore seven different worktop samples, in different styles can be produced to help you make the decision between the many timbers provided. Each timber possesses a unique grain to the next, for example: maple – this is the palest, porcelain-like timber with a […]

Wooden Kitchen Worktops; glorious oak wooden worktop

Timber comes in all different shades, shapes and sizes. wkw provides five different timbers of which are split into light and dark. Doing this helps stress the individuality of each type making it easier for you to confirm your choice.To begin with American white oak worktops are sourced from the Northern Appalachian Mountains. The oak is extremely durable and […]

How To Repair A Damaged Wooden Worktop

The other day I was drinking a cup of tea at a friend’s house while she cooked us some breakfast. Suddenly she shouted out in anger – She had placed her hot pan onto her wooden worktop and now, somehow, there was a rather large unsightly mark. Panic stricken she looked at me and wondered […]

Information You Need To Order Your Wooden Worktop

Firstly, congratulations! You’ve finally made the decision that you will treat yourself to the kitchen that you have desired for what feels like an eternity. It was an arduous conclusion to come to but now, at last, you are able to indulge feelings of excitement and creativity; well, until that moment when you realise that […]

Spring clean your wooden worktop

It is important to take care with your wooden worktop, especially when cleaning it. If you are looking into cleaning your worktop; there are a few things you will have to take into consideration. We recommend using a non-abrasive cleaner such as washing up liquid, to begin with; rather than abrasive cleaners such as bleach. […]

How Much Will My Worktop Change And Move?

Recently I made an observation that over time things can change. There are varying factors, both causal and non-causal, that can play a part in this process. Sometimes there can be a large noticeable effect and other times the alterations are minimal. Positive or negative, most things are subject to these shifts. So what change […]

Drying our timber for use in wooden worktops

Recently my partner and I started to look in to buying our first home together.  Having studied Interior Architecture at university it is fair to say that I am going to be the picky one in this process. I love everything design related and as my other half so politely put it, I am a […]