Bespoke Wooden Worktop Service

CNC MachineGood quality service is extremely important to our business; this is why we present to you our fullybespoke worktop service. The service contains many different options that you can make an addition to your wooden worktop. There is plenty to choose from, edging, sink cut outs to butt joins and many more.

Our exquisite woodenupstands would make a grand addition to any kitchen. There are two different styles that we offer, Wide Block and Super Stave. The wide block possesses joints along the timber which is as magnificent as our wide block wooden worktops. Super Stave up stands consists of a continuous length and no joints, this outstanding style can easily be complimented with a super stave or traditional plank wooden worktop. The idea of an upstand is to improve the view between the join from the worktop to the wall. Walls are not always straight or up to standard, so an upstand can easily make it more appealing and fix any visible problems.

Norfolk Oak offer six different types of worktop edging; Rounded top and bottom, pencil top and bottom, chamfered top and bottom, rounded top or bottom, pencil top or bottom and chamfered top or bottom. By including edgings it softens the feel of the worktop. We can also make custom edgings to your specifications if you had something else in mind.

Radius corners can make the difference to whether or not you want to make a statement with your wooden worktop. Sometimes radius corners are simply used to eliminate sharp corners, either way they make the final worktop look fantastic. We can do as little as a 10mm to as large as 200mm radius corner.

If you have requested drainage groves, we can also suggest to you metal hot rods. These rods slip into the area where the groves have been crafted and helps create the drainage broad. The grooves of the hot rods measure 300mm long and 12mm in diameter. To make it even easier, the hot rods are easily removable by simply lifting it off the worktop for easy access to cleaning.

You may have a concern of wanting to join two or more worktops together. At Norfolk Oak we have supply custom Butt joints; this is where there is a small incision is made into the bottom of the worktops. Then a clamp is then inserted into both incisions to keep them together. We recommend using a 90 degree butt join. Having butt joins secures your worktops together and creates a greater bond than if you were to use glue.

Having sinks in the middle of you worktop is not a problem. With access to the dimensions of your desired worktop and where your sink or hob is placed then we can simply draw and design in the correct manor of the information you have provided. There is a choice of four different types of cutouts; this will depend on how your sink/hob will be placed once ready for installation. Overmount sink cutout, undermount sink cut out, under mounted 1 ½ bowl sink cutout and hob cutout.

When your worktop is placed next to a Constant headed cooker, for instance and AGA or range cooker, it will need protecting. A wooden worktop end cap will prevent damage from coming to the worktop and makes a great accessory to the overall worktop. We provide 60mm wide end caps, 100mm wide end caps and end cap fitting. Different sizes can be arranged upon request.

We dearly recommend moisture barriers if you possess a washing machine where your wooden worktop will be sat. Our moisture barriers are made from thick extruded aluminium that can easily be fastened to your worktop. It is used to protect the worktop from any moisture that is produced, therefore leaving your worktop in magnificent condition.

Lastly we supply drop down mitred end panels, theses beauties help round up the finishing touches to the perfect kitchen, which may be leading off to a matching skirting board and architrave. Although it is important for you to know that we recommend that you have us assemble it before delivery, ready to be installed once the appropriate finishing has been applied. If that is not to your liking you also have given the option of assembling it on site.

In our offices we are happy to offer guidance throughout the order procedure. Once the worktop is ready for installation, the process will run smoothly and you will be in the lap of luxury.