If you want the best out of your wooden worktop it is vital to treat it with care. There are plenty of ways to look after your worktop, depending on the finishing you wish to achieve. Here at Wooden Kitchen worktops, we offer a pre-installation oiling. In our workshops we use a large tank of oil, linseed oil.

Whether you have your worktop oiled by us is completely up to you. You don’t have to have to go through this process; we just recommend that you do. Once we have your order is in place, paid for and the workshops have finished creating your wooden worktop; if you have opted for the pre-installation oiling it will be placed into our dip tank for several hours. The tank is full of Linseed oil, which is extra pure, therefore it absorbs into the timber easier and much quicker. It also produces ultra low protein content, meaning that at warm temperatures it will absorb quicker and deeper than ordinary linseed oil.

hot oil dip tankTraditionally wooden worktops are oiled using a can of oil and cloth, but we have given that a modern twist and have invested in a new custom. In comparison the dip tank has proven a great deal more effective than using a cloth. Using a cloth limits you to time; roughly six to eight coats are needed to complete this before delivery and then left for two to three hours between every coat which makes it incredibly time consuming. Whereas inserting the worktop into a dip tank, we are able to leave it while the timber absorbed and nourishes the oil. This is left for several hours, finished and dried 48 hours before delivery.

Research has shown that a great deal of companies within the wooden worktop manufacturing industry have been known to send out unfinished oiled worktops as they have not allowed enough time for the oil to dry. If you are needing to oil your worktop every 2-3 months then there is something wrong with worktop, if the worktop has been oiled properly there should be oiled once a year after installation. Here at Wooden Kitchen Worktops, we stick to a tight schedule to ensure that everything is done properly.

48 hours makes all the difference and allows production to be able to grasp the amount of time to pre-oil before delivery. Our entire business revolves around quality, it is extremely important to us that you get the best wooden worktop. We will not rush the worktops, we have to do everything by the book, and making sure we get the best result.

The dip tank gives the timber an overall coverage, therefore making it exceedingly durable, as well as showing off the best qualities such as the grain. We recommend oiling before installation; this needs to be done on site, shortly after delivery see 10 stages of installation.

Using the hot oil dip tank has bettered the business, we are the only wooden worktop manufacturer and supplier in the United Kingdom to have and use one. It has allowed our quality products to improve and to be able to expand the life of the worktops and prepare them for the work they’re cut out for. We are always looking for room to improve and expand, so we can give to you an unbelievably great service.