BriquettesWinter is drawing near, say goodbye to the warm sunny weather and get ready for woolly jumpers, hot beverages and warm open fires. Norfolk oak recycles unused shavings, which are then compressed and made into briquettes.

The shavings produce Hardwood briquettes, as we only use hardwood in our products so this gives you a higher quality briquette. When you start mixing in softwood, it does not give out as much energy, strength or warmth, nor does it last as long.

Our briquettes are made up of Oak (60%), Black Walnut (30%), Maple and Cherry (10%).  Our stock is dried much lower than a European timber. It is kiln dried in the USA to about 7% moisture content. Doing this allows it to become bone dry, meaning that is leaves a barely noticeable amount of ash, also it minimises the amount on soot in your chimney.

A briquette produces around 6 KW per KG, making them the most energy packed briquettes on the planet. They are compacted and full of energy which helps them burn slowly. Our briquettes are tough as nails, when being tested we found that they sink in water, we compact our sawdust and shavings tightly together. Another test carried our included being thrown at a wall our, and they didn’t crumble. Their brick-like mould makes it easier for stacking as well as more appealing.

Recycling is very important to us, from all purchases made; we use leftover sawdust and shavings to create the briquettes. The dust extraction which is placed into the workshops ensures that we retrieve all shavings, which are then compressed on site.

We take special procedures to make sure there isn’t any additional carbon footprint. Taking the steps that we do minimises the chances of carbon footprint and our briquettes are made from 100% of Norfolk Oak shavings and saw.

We supply the briquettes in amazingly strong plastic rubble bags; storing them this way keeps them dry which is extremely important.

The way we deliver is using a pallet; this is usually because our briquettes come in Kg’s from 10 to 2000. To get hold of these bundles full of energy, we suggest either giving us a call at 01485 600 555 or email us at: For more information visit our briquettes page.