We have moved.

Wooden Kitchen Worktops has been exceedingly busy these past few months, with the move and all. Though we can finally put up our hands and officially say we have done it. We no longer reside at beloved Anmer Hall. We are now found at our new spacious and historic RAF West Raynham. We have undergone a great […]

Bespoke Wooden Worktop Service

Good quality service is extremely important to our business; this is why we present to you our fullybespoke worktop service. The service contains many different options that you can make an addition to your wooden worktop. There is plenty to choose from, edging, sink cut outs to butt joins and many more. Our exquisite woodenupstands would […]


If you want the best out of your wooden worktop it is vital to treat it with care. There are plenty of ways to look after your worktop, depending on the finishing you wish to achieve. Here at Wooden Kitchen worktops, we offer a pre-installation oiling. In our workshops we use a large tank of […]


Winter is drawing near, say goodbye to the warm sunny weather and get ready for woolly jumpers, hot beverages and warm open fires. Norfolk oak recycles unused shavings, which are then compressed and made into briquettes. The shavings produce Hardwood briquettes, as we only use hardwood in our products so this gives you a higher […]