Delivering your order.

bespoke wood sandingA business is only as good as its service and seeing that your order gets to you is very important to us. We want to ensure that you have the best experience when choosing your wooden worktops. So to make things easier for you, WKW would like to express to you how our delivery service works. Here at WKW we do our best to meet the customer’s needs, bespoke work and all.

Once you have left an order with us this might be via email or phone call; we will then fill in a form, do not worry; this is so that we can keep the order on file. Then following this a CAD diagram will be drawn (if appropriate) and then sent with a confirmation email. If you wish to provide us with diagrams, it is appreciated but is not essential. The email is for you to look over the order that you have requested to ensure that everything is accordingly, also to allow us to be able to alert our workshops to start production once the payment has be made. During production the workshops will be able to form, create and insert intricate detail if necessary.

Once complete there is a choice of pre-oiling installation. This is not a necessity but will strengthen your hardwood wooden kitchen and will mean having to put fewer finishing coats once installed. Depending on the complexity of your order, we give a rough 2-3 weeks although this may vary on location. We will try our best to book the delivery on a day that is convenient to you. We aim to use our own transport 99% of our deliveries. Therefore we provide a door to door service that is completely controlled by ourselves. Our driver will aim to call you an half an hour to hour before due arrival. It minimizes the chance of missing the delivery. Hardwood timber is exceedingly heavy, we suggest that you have one or two helpers to help carry in the order. This may vary, depending on the order. Under no circumstances will we allow anybody with child to help. If you’re unaware of how many bodies will be needed to help with the order or have any inquiries, we recommend you give us a call.

Email us at or telephone us at 01485 600 555.

Our offices are open Monday – Friday 9.00 am, 5.30 pm.