How To Repair A Damaged Wooden Worktop

The other day I was drinking a cup of tea at a friend’s house while she cooked us some breakfast. Suddenly she shouted out in anger – She had placed her hot pan onto her wooden worktop and now, somehow, there was a rather large unsightly mark. Panic stricken she looked at me and wondered what on earth she was going to do. Her lack of knowledge left me wondering about others who have this or similar heart stopping moments and feel clueless as to what to do. In a bid to empower us all for any future ‘mishaps’ I thought I would share some remedies to these occurrence’s that, let’s face it, can’t always be helped….

Generally when surfaces become damaged there is a simple fix. If like my friend, your worktop becomes scratched or marked then the top can be sanded down. This will remove the scratches or marks. Finish with a re-oil and your work top will be restored to its original splendour. What we need to remember is that timber is a natural product – that’s what   makes it so unique and beautiful – however a consequence of this is that over time it may be prone to slight movement. For example, small cracks may appear. This may induce concern but really it is nothing to worry about as they can be easily treated using hard wax fillers. Hard wax is available in many different shades so you will be able to find one that suits your worktop or, if you’re feeling brave, you can melt different shades of wax to achieve an exact colour match! Once you have the correct wax, apply it directly to the area by gently rubbing it against the grain of the wood. Once applied into the relevant crack, using either wire wool or sandpaper, gently rub the filled area back before re-oiling the affected area. This method can also be used for any pesky chips or dents that may also appear.

imageIf you are ever unsure of what to do you are more than welcome to give us a call at Wooden Kitchen Worktops. Not only will we be able to guide you through the process but if you have any individual worktop issues photos can be sent into ourselves and we can advise accordingly.

So you see, between us all, we have a wealth of knowledge so that when these moments strike we are fully prepared and able to tackle the issue ourselves without panicking too much! My friend and I managed to resolve her worktop issues pretty quickly so when her partner arrived home that evening and asked us if we’d managed to stay out of trouble all day we were able to giggle and say “Of course” before exchanging a knowing wink at each other. The worktop looked as good as new and now no one would ever know what happened, well, except for us of course!