How easy is it to maintain a wooden worktop and will it last?

Over the weekend most of us were lucky to experience a change in weather; the sun was shining and there was a warmth to it that gave us hope of spring. Not ones for staying inside this was a wonderful opportunity for my partner and I to go for a country drive. Taking it in turns to decide whether we went left or right we ended up not too far from the outskirts of Ely where we decided to take actual direction. Shortly after arriving we had settled down with a drink and some lunch at a pub that overlooks the river. As usual, our eyes were too big for our stomachs and we waddled away in a blissful haze of contentment that only a stretched stomach can offer! As we strolled through the park we both looked at Ely Cathedral and thought that it would be a fantastic day to be part of the tour where you can climb to the very top of the Cathedral and see for miles over the fenland expanse.

We were fortunate to be the only two on the tour which allowed for an exclusive private tour. As we were half way through the ascent of an extremely tight staircase we were informed that we were about to be shown an original piece of construction material that dated back over 900 years. For someone who loves design this was an extremely exciting moment and it certainly helped me climb some more of these 250 steps that we were tackling. So you can imagine my delight when I made a turn and was faced with a solid piece of timber. 900 years strong and counting, this incredible piece of timber just single handily proved what I have been trying to explain for months; timber is a beautiful natural material that stands the test of time!

There are so many queries and concerns surrounding wooden worktops and their durability and this is an exemplary example that should squash any worries that you have.

As long as wood is looked after and cared for there is absolutely no reason as to why your worktop shouldn’t outlive generations to come. Maintaining your worktop is what makes the difference between a beautiful worktop that lasts and a worktop that is black and rotten because it has been left to fend for itself. It is important to remember that wooden worktops are a natural product that, like flowers, has been removed from its original source. This results in its lifespan, thereafter, being dependable on you and the aftercare that you provide for it.

Maintaining a worktop really is simple. Firstly you need to make sure that it has been thoroughly and correctly pre-oiled; a service that we offer at Wooden Kitchen Worktops. Having your board pre-oiled prevents any moisture from being taken on by the worktops. It is fair to say that worktops and moisture don’t agree with each other so the sooner that it can be the oiled the better.

Once your worktop is installed it will require some finishing coats of oil just to add those final layers of protection and for you to be able to achieve the level of finish that you require.  You will know when your worktop has the correct level of oil because water will bead on the surface. As soon as water starts to saturate in to the timber you can safely assume that your worktops need a re-oil. How often you will need to re-oil your worktop is dependent on the environment it sits in and how you use it.

If you splash water on the worktop it is important that you wipe it off as soon as possible. It is fine to put your mugs of hot drinks on to the surface but it is advised that you always use trivets to protect the worktops from the heat of any pan or dish especially if it is coming directly from the oven.

If you’re like me and a little prone to mishaps you needn’t worry because the beauty of timber is that in most instances it can be re-sanded and re-oiled to be restored to its original splendour.

As long as you keep these few things in mind, your worktop is going to look just as beautiful years and years down the line as it did new.

I am hoping that by having written this blog that people will become much more comfortable and less concerned over the durability of a wooden worktop. It is only in rare circumstances where worktops are neglected that these unsightly black marks and such like occur. Ultimately there needs to be a belief in our work practices and ethos as a company that Wooden Kitchen Worktops would not purposefully supply you a worktop that is prone to damage. All our staff are not only dedicated to what we do but passionate too. The workshop love to make your worktops and a lot of time, diligence and care goes in to producing every product that leaves our premise.

“ This Beautiful 900 year old piece of timber proves that it really does stand the test of time…What more proof do you need?!…”