What Are The Different Timber Style Options Available At Wooden Kitchen Worktops?

At Wooden Kitchen Worktops we offer a couple of different Stave styles to suit your personal design taste. However it would seem that one of our most commonly asked questions is the following; what exactly is a Stave?!

That in itself is a very good question and is something that can easily cause confusion but once explained I am hoping that it becomes much clearer. When we ask you what Stave design you would like, we are in fact referring to the widths of the planks of timber that make up the width of your worktop. The smaller the width of the Stave, the more planks of timber needed to make up the width of your worktop. The wider the width of Stave, the fewer planks that make up the width of your worktops.

Here at Wooden Kitchen Worktops, we offer you 2 different stave styles. Firstly, we have our 40mm Stave, consisting of beautiful staves of widths of 40mm. You can expect to find 14-16 staves across the width of an average worktop of around 620mm with joins along the length. The wider your worktop, the more staves that span the width, the smaller the width of the worktop the fewer the staves across the width.

We then also have our 60mm Stave option. This has a similar pattern to that of our 40mm Stave but the difference lies in that the Stave width is 60mm rather than 40mm. This means that the Staves are wider and there are therefore fewer planks of timber making up your worktop, typically 9-11 planks of timber remaining with an average width of 620mm with joins along the length.

It can take a while for the above to become comprehensible but I hope that it has helped even in a small way. If you would like to talk it through we would be more than happy to do this with you. Feel free to call our office on 01485 600 555.