Bespoke Worktops

One of the most fantastic things that I find about design is the ability to create someone’s vision. The power of turning an idea in to a reality really excites me. As we manufacture everything on site here in the UK we have the luxury of being able to make your worktops to your exact requirements. Unlike many other companies we control every part of the manufacturing process and therefore have no stock items. This allows us to supply you with whatever lengths and widths that you require and furthermore allows you creative control over the shape of your worktop. As long as we have your design specification we can work alongside you to help you achieve your design, after all, if you’re going to spend your money it is well worth getting what you want.

Besides having creative freedom over the shape and size of your worktop, you also have the ability to choose any of our other bespoke services that we offer. We can offer you our pre-installation oiling service where your worktops will be pre-oiled ready for immediate installation, hob and sink cut-outs, radius corners, a variety of edging, drainage grooves, hot rods, butt joins, end caps and drop down panels. Whatever design idea you have in mind we can help make it happen.

It is services like this that further my love for design and my work at Wooden Kitchen Worktops. There is nothing better, in my opinion, than being able to offer a customer everything that they need. Give us an obstacle and we will face it. Give us a design and we will make it happen. There is a reason that we are specialists in what we do and it shows.