Ideal Home Show and Timber As A Trend

In the office we have been busy talking about the Ideal Home Show. We were able to go at the weekend and it was a great opportunity to see what design trends are about to come in to play. An area that caught my attention, rather surprisingly, was that of the garden area. I noticed that designers and landscapers alike are trying to move the indoors out. Lately there had been a strong desire to bring the outdoors in and while this is still very much there it has also been drawn to my attention that we would also like to have our home comforts extended to our outdoor areas. I noticed that this had been achieved in a variety of ways such as using indoor styled furniture, painting walls to a ceiling height and through a intriguing way of displaying foliage. I even saw a fireplace that was in fact a water feature.

Something else that I noticed while at this show is that timber continues to be present at design exhibitions. Timber is a timeless and classic material that can be used in numerous ways throughout the design industry. It is as a result of this that Wooden Kitchen Worktops are able to always stay on trend. Whichever of our products you decide to go for you can be confident that you have invested in a beautiful piece of timber that not only looks stunning, elegant and has been lovingly made by our workshop but that it will not be going out of fashion.

With financial times remaining hard, designers are being forced to focus on bringing designs in on budget and creating designs that will look stunning and not just for a season. So if you’ve been finding it difficult to decide what material to use for a current design project you should ask  yourself whether you would rather spend a lot of money on something that will go out of fashion in a year or two therefore costing you more money, or would you rather spend it on something that has clearly been proven not to go out of fashion and that will continue to stay on trend?