Planning For Your Kitchen Worktop Part 2

Getting That Perfect Fit

The worktop is usually the last item to fit when building your kitchen so survey the kitchen to ensure that everything is in place, such as your kitchen cabinets. If you have had any plastering done, it would be worth checking it to see if it is completed and dry.

Once you are happy, focus your attention on seeing if there are a decent number of fixing points for the worktop. You want to have atleast one fixing point on each corner. Fixing your worktop is simple, either screw the worktop down from the underneath of the cabinet or use slotted expansion brackets (found in most DIY stores) to allow the timber to move ever so slightly.

Oiling oak worktop

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Planning For Your Kitchen Worktop Part 1

Light Kitchens

Beautiful, with deep chocolatey tones; our Black Walnut worktops creates a wonderful contrast against lighter cabinetry. Dark worktops and lighter cabinets is a classic style that looks utterly gorgeous. With a grain structure is hardy yet elegant, gently flowing along the surface of the worktop, Black Walnut rightly earns its spot as the finest of hardwoods.

With its reddish, caramel shade, Black Cherry is a great way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. The red hues make for a versatile worktop in terms of style, working in a contemporary or traditional kitchen.

Our African hardwood add a unique and enticing colour to the heart of your home, providing dark, rich tones to your kitchen that differ subtly to the American hardwoods. The straight, even lines of Iroko offer a distinctive edge whilst the shimmering grain creates a sophisticated glowing look.

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Wood Responsibility – A Lesson In Sustainability

We comprehensively researched responsible forestation to ensure our timber mills fully adhered to the sustainable management of forests. As the world’s forests are key source to the well-being of the planet, a more environmentally conscious way to manufacture our worktops was vital. A better managed supply chain starts with replanting trees to limit the effects of deforestation and ends with an precisely crafted wood worktop created from only the finest grade timber.

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9 Steps To A Perfectly Oiled Wooden Kitchen Worktop


When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, timelines can occasionally stretch or you may want to change an aspect of the design. This may result in you having to store your worktop. At Wooden Kitchen Worktops, we understand that this can happen and are more than happy to delay delivery until you are ready to oil them. If they have already been delivered, all you need to do is make sure the worktop is laid flat in a warm and dry environment that is not submitted to vast temperature change. Do not use your garage!


Sanding is a vital part of preparing the worktop for the oiling process, helping to define how the worktop will look but more importantly, how the worktop will feel once you have finished oiling. All of our worktops are expertly hand-finished although we recommend that our customers give the worktop a final finish sanding with finer paper to their desired level. You can sand the worktop by hand or by electric sander.

Use the 150 grit paper to sand down the entire surface, including the exposed edges. Repeat this process with the 180 grit paper, taking care to run the sand paper down the grain and not across as that will result in scratches.

After reaching the desired smoothness, you can apply the oil. The minimum amount of coats we suggest is six on both sides prior to installation.

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We have moved.


Wooden Kitchen Worktops has been exceedingly busy these past few months, with the move and all. Though we can finally put up our hands and officially say we have done it. We no longer reside at beloved Anmer Hall. We are now found at our new spacious and historic RAF West Raynham.

Ollands Moving LorryWe have undergone a great deal of changes during the process of the move and we would like to share some of them with you.

Our new location is an old rustic Royal Air Force hangar, which has remained closed for about nineteen years. It definitely meant we had to make a few changes. It is now homey and revamped. Not only has the hangar had adjustments, our company has too. Our workshops are now placed within the heart of the hangar as before the workshops were away from Anmer at Wolferton.

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Bespoke Wooden Worktop Service

CNC MachineGood quality service is extremely important to our business; this is why we present to you our fullybespoke worktop service. The service contains many different options that you can make an addition to your wooden worktop. There is plenty to choose from, edging, sink cut outs to butt joins and many more.

Our exquisite woodenupstands would make a grand addition to any kitchen. There are two different styles that we offer, Wide Block and Super Stave. The wide block possesses joints along the timber which is as magnificent as our wide block wooden worktops. Super Stave up stands consists of a continuous length and no joints, this outstanding style can easily be complimented with a super stave or traditional plank wooden worktop. The idea of an upstand is to improve the view between the join from the worktop to the wall. Walls are not always straight or up to standard, so an upstand can easily make it more appealing and fix any visible problems.

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If you want the best out of your wooden worktop it is vital to treat it with care. There are plenty of ways to look after your worktop, depending on the finishing you wish to achieve. Here at Wooden Kitchen worktops, we offer a pre-installation oiling. In our workshops we use a large tank of oil, linseed oil.

Whether you have your worktop oiled by us is completely up to you. You don’t have to have to go through this process; we just recommend that you do. Once we have your order is in place, paid for and the workshops have finished creating your wooden worktop; if you have opted for the pre-installation oiling it will be placed into our dip tank for several hours. The tank is full of Linseed oil, which is extra pure, therefore it absorbs into the timber easier and much quicker. It also produces ultra low protein content, meaning that at warm temperatures it will absorb quicker and deeper than ordinary linseed oil.



BriquettesWinter is drawing near, say goodbye to the warm sunny weather and get ready for woolly jumpers, hot beverages and warm open fires. Norfolk oak recycles unused shavings, which are then compressed and made into briquettes.

The shavings produce Hardwood briquettes, as we only use hardwood in our products so this gives you a higher quality briquette. When you start mixing in softwood, it does not give out as much energy, strength or warmth, nor does it last as long.

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